2015 Annual Goals

Where I work we’re required to come up with three goal we want to achieve in the coming year. Remembering how hard this was last year I came up with six this year hoping that at least three of them would pass muster. Here’s what was accepted:

  • Earn at least one certification by July 1, 2015 (I’m aiming for Xamarin Certified Developer)
  • Present at least one Lunch & Learn by Dec 31, 2015 (no topic set; I’m thinking Xamarin, Javascript, or programming for Docker containers)
  • Attend at least one conference

For the conference it would be most awesome if my employer sends me to both Xamarin’s Evolve conference and Kansas City Developer’s Conference.  My other goals include learning Apache Cordova and publishing an app in the Blackberry Store (because I can’t do that using the Xamarin tools), presenting at a local user group, and being accepted to present at a conference.  The last one is really beyond my ability to make happen; conferences get a lot of submissions for all kinds of talks so if more well-known people want to present on the topic you’ve submitted or the conference organizers aren’t interested in the topics you’ve submitted then you’re out of luck.  I presented on Angular versus Ember last year and my coworkers seemed to like it (at least that’s what they said).  Mobile is hot and Javascript is hot, and now that Visual Studio 2015 is including support for Cordova “in the box” I’m considering this as my topic for lunch & learn, presenting to a local user group, as well as submitting to present at a conference.