I lost 60 pounds teaching Xamarin!

Well… I did lose over 60 pounds so far this year and the best before-and-after photos I have are of me giving talks to devs about Xamarin. If you haven’t tried public speaking yet I HIGHLY recommend it. As for the weight loss effects… your results may vary.  🙂

I'm about 295 pounds in this photo...

I’m about 295 pounds in this photo. This was March 22, 2016 and I’m talking to the KC .NET Developers Group about Xamarin (which was still non-free as of this talk —  the //Build announcement was the next week). Thank you to Heather Downing for taking this photo with my iPhone!

Still 6'5" but now I'm under 230 pounds as of Nov. 12, 2016. Still talking about Xamarin!

Still 6’5″ but now I’m under 230 pounds as of Nov. 12, 2016. Here I’m talking about Xamarin Native to the Kansas City Xamarin Dev Days attendees. Like the March talk where announcements the following week rendered a bunch of things obsolete, this was four days before the announcements at Connect() rendered a huge portion of this talk obsolete as well! Thank you to Duane Newman for giving me this photo!