Beginner’s Guide To Mobile Apps: Resources and Links

It’s been pointed out to me that there’s a misspelling in this fake book cover. If I were clever I would say it’s an homage to the HTTP_REFERER attribute…

Thank you to everyone who attended my presentation about mobile applications!  As promised, here’s the list of links for information and resources that I said I would share… along with other links to items of general interest for mobile app developers and folks looking to get into this field.

“The Stacks”

In addition to the seven “stacks” I covered in varying degrees of detail last night, I also obliquely mentioned some others in passing. Here are the links to them all. One oversight I want to address: At the May 9th Meetup I said that if you want to learn more about Progressive Web Apps you should check out the KC Google Developers Group (I should have said this at the July 18th meetup as well but I forgot). Their home page — — is both informational and an example of a PWA, and the code for it is available on GitHub:

Some other language/platform options:

A Microsoft Employee making a React Native app on a Mac targeting iOS, Android, and UWP from one UI definition and then pushing new builds of the app — triggered on pushing new code to VSTS — out to handsets of testers, QA, beta users (however you want to set it up) using Microsoft Mobile Center:

Opinions,  Comparisons, Click-bait and Flame-bait, and other reading about mobile: