Monthly Archives: July 2017

Thank you JavaScript/KC!

Thank you to everyone who attended my “Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Mobile Apps” talk at the JavaScript KC group tonight!  This was easily the biggest meetup group I’ve had the chance to address (almost approaching Cory House numbers!).

I made mention a couple times that a version of tonight’s talk was given back in May to the Xamarin meetup, though that presentation was much more targeted at Xamarin than the JavaScript frameworks.  That said I will readily admit that my blog post for Links and References is already slightly out of date and I’m going to work on revising it and will make updates to that blog post.  The biggest wildcard back in May: that talk was before Microsoft //Build, Google’s I/O, and Apple’s WWDC event — and there might have been a Chrome or PWA event during that time as well.  The point being: I’m going to update that post.  I’ll post on Twitter — @dotNetMike — when there are updates.