About Code Notes

My name is Mike Cerny and I started this blog because I read somewhere (probably on Jeff Atwood’s or Scott Hanselman’s blog) that all programmers should have a blog.  Following on that idea, I started recording bits of code, techniques, articles, pictures and such that relate to programming, mainly so I know where to find them later.  I’ve been writing web, desktop, and server applications since the late 1990’s and have used (but am not necessarily current in) the following languages and stacks:

  • ASP3 (aka “Classic ASP”)
  • VBScript (remember WSH scripting?)
  • Javascript (late 90’s version)
  • Javascript (circa 2005, pre-jQuery, rolling my own AJAX functionality)
  • Javascript (2010 and on: the Age of jQuery and browser-based MVVM/MVC)
  • Visual Basic 6 desktop apps
  • VB.NET (web, server, desktop, winforms, services, SOAP)
  • C# (everything I did in VB.NET but in a better language)
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • Windows Server 2000 – current
  • LAMP stacks
  • Py-curious (I keep meaning to do something in Python but always talk myself out of it)
  • Xamarin Platform (Xamarin Mobile Certified Developer — June 2015)

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